College Code AEC



Internal Quality Assurance Cell

Aim of  IQAC

1) To plan and implement Outcome based education.
2) To plan and maintain all documents, both institutional and Departmental, for facilitating
Accreditation of various agencies
3) To initiate, implement & monitor ISO related activities.
4) To assure proper maintenance of all documents
5) To assure the quality of educational process of the college.
6) To keep documents of all activities of the college in a common place.
7) To conduct meetings at proper intervals.
8) To Prepare Annual Report.

IQAC Members

  1. Chairperson:
    Dr. Ajish S. , Principal

2. Convener:
Ms. Renjini R. , AP in EC

3.  Baby K Issac , Senior AO/CAPE
4.  Prasanth Kumar, Haritha Technologix
5.  Sabarinath K. (Alumni)
6.  Arya Jayakumar , AP in CSE
7. Sunith S. ,AP in EEE
8. Dr. Abey E. Thomas , AP in CE
9.  Athula Valsalan, AP in Mathematics