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B-Tech in Civil Engineering

Programs offered: B-Tech in Civil Engineering

Sanctioned Intake: 60+6*


The Department of Civil Engineering was constituted in the year 2014 with an undergraduate programme affiliated to KTU university with a sanctioned intake of 60 students. The programme aims at producing highly qualified manpower in Civil Engineering to meet the rapid technological advances and industrial requirements.

The construction boom in India and abroad provides plenty of opportunities for Civil Engineers both in private and government sectors Undergraduate course in civil engineering mainly stresses the areas of structural, geotechnical, transportation and hydraulics.

Civil engineer plays a key role in the implementation of planning ,Analysis, designing, constructing, maintaining and operating of various structures like roads, bridges, canals, dams, airport, railway and buildings. It  is one of the most versatile and diverse fields of engineering that encompasses the areas of geotechnical sciences, surveying, planning, structural design, environmental engineering, hydraulics, transportation engineering, hydrology, construction technology and more.

The Institute has a modern Computer Centre, supporting with NME-ICT connection of 10 Mbps internet bandwidth. There are several terminals running on Windows and GNU/Linux operating systems.The centre is fully equipped to handle every requirement of the students and staff and is the nucleus of the all computing facilities

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Laboratories under the Department are:

The department is well equipped to give practical training in various subjects. In the first year, students of all branches are exposed to survey labs and masonry workshops along with mechanical and electrical workshops.

The lab has facilities for testing mechanical properties of materials used in constructions. The Laboratory is fully equipped for conduct of regular experiments at UG level and consultancy works.

Civil Engineering students need extensive training in surveying. The lab has all the instruments needed for this. The Laboratory is fully equipped for conduct of regular experiments at UG level and consultancy works.

This lab provides facilities for Various tests for cement and concrete which includes test for compressive strength,flexural strength and mix design of concrete etc. The Laboratory is fully equipped for conduct of regular experiments at UG level and consultancy works.

Experiments like calibration of various flow measuring devices, measurements of characteristics of flow through pipes, orifices and various notches fixed in channels, Reynolds experiments etc, are conducted in this section. students are exposed to technical aspects of Hydraulic turbines such as Kaplan turbine, Francis turbine and Pelton Wheel and pumps such as Centrifugal pump, Self priming pump, Reciprocating pump, Gear pump, Hydraulic ram etc.

The program offers one to one computing facility for the students. A well equipped computer lab with advanced facilities is at the dispense of the student. Advanced application softwares in structural engineering such as STAAD Pro , AutoCAD and Primavera are provided for the analysis and design of various structures and its components.

  • Civil Engineering Workshop
  • Strength of Materials Lab
  • Surveying Lab
  • Concrete Lab
  • Fluid Mechanics Lab
  • Computational Laboratory

Course Syllabus