College Code AEC



The Parent Teacher Association

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is formed with a view to maintain effective interaction between the parents and the college authorities. The PTA is giving considerable assistance for improving the facilities in the college. For the benefit of both students and faculty members, PTA has undertaken a number of development programs like:

A Parent Teacher Association (P.T.A) is actively functioning in the college.

Sl. No.PTA DesignationName, Designation
01PresidentDr Sajeev V
02Vice PresidentMr Roy , Parent
03SecretaryMr Deepak V, AP in ECE
04Executive MemberMr. , Parent
05Executive MemberMr. , Parent
06Executive MemberMr. , Parent
07Executive MemberMr. , Parent
08Executive Member
09Executive MemberDr Umesh P, AP in Maths