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Diploma in Cyber Forensic & Information Security

Diploma in Cyber Forensic & Information Security

Sanctioned Intake: 60+6*


The department of Diploma in Cyber Forensic & Information Security was started in the year 2021.The department offers diploma program in Cyber Forensic & Information Security. Intake is 60 students per batch. This course imparts outstanding educational opportunity for those planning to pursue a career or to gain in depth knowledge in computing technology and research. Keeping in pace with the IT era, the computer engineering syllabus covers an exhaustive realm of core fields like Operating systems, Database Management Systems, Data Structures And Programming Languages.

The department offers on the overall development of the students imparting Industry standard skills through projects and by encouraging students association activities and Industrial visits.

The Institute has a modern Computer Centre, supporting with NME-ICT connection of 10 Mbps internet bandwidth. There are several terminals running on Windows and GNU/Linux operating systems. The centre is fully equipped to handle every requirement of the students and staff and is the nucleus of the all computing facilities

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Laboratories under the Department are

Programming Lab

This lab provides fundamental knowledge on various platforms such as DOS, Windows, Linux. Exposure to problem solving and programming methodology are provided.

Data Structure Lab

The basic aim of the course would be to learn programming languages and implementing data structures.

Database Lab

This lab is intended to give exposure to ORACLE RDBMS and database connectivity with front ends like VB, JAVA etc.

Microprocessor Lab

This lab aims in providing the basic concepts of microprocessors, programming with 8085 and interfacing experiments.

Networking Lab

This lab provides a conceptual understanding of underlying facts about computer networks and data communication. This lab includes study of inter process communication, synchronization, socket programming, TCP/IP, RMI etc.

Multimedia Lab

This lab is mainly used for familiarization of graphical devices and techniques. For graphical program, C and Java are used.

Hardware Lab

Familiarization with PC components, assembling and maintenance of computer system, system level programming with C and MASM, Troubleshooting of LAN and PC are the main areas covered in this lab.