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Diploma in Electronics & Communication

Diploma in Electronics & Communication

Sanctioned Intake: 60+6*


The department was established in 2022 as an institution offering diploma course in Electronics & Communication. It has flexibility in offering a vibrant and intellectual environment for professional development encompassing both staffs and students. The goal of the department is to impart “Hi-Tech Quality Education & Opportunities and to promote the efficient and true Professionals and Technologists, through the adherence of the Ethical conduct in order to develop a sense of Individual and social Responsibility and also to maintain a long term relationships with Industries and Institutions to market the Student’s Talents effectively.

The programme is aimed at providing students with a sound knowledge in the theoretical aspects and practical working knowledge in the field of Electronics and Communication. The department offers 3 years Diploma programme in Electronics and Communication. The curriculum is innovatively designed for giving the students a solid base in core Electronics. The students acquire a deep knowledge in Electronic Circuits, Micro Processors, networks and Systems. Apart from core electronics the curriculum includes subjects of wide applications like Digital Signal Processing, Modern Communication Engineering which includes Optical Communication, Micro Wave Communication etc, Embedded System and VLSI Design etc.

The Faculty of the department is the best of the lot and most of them have obtained higher qualifications from premier institutions in India. The faculty members regularly were updating their skills by attending and organizing refresher courses in their areas of specializations. They further tune the students into most prominent and most promising intellectuals. The ECE association “ARISTA” of the department organizes various technical programmes related to academic study and personality development including national seminars, paper presentation and workshops in the state of the art technologies.

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Laboratories under the Department are

Basic Electronics Lab

This lab is well equipped for study of solid-state devices viz. Diode, Bipolar junction Transistors, Field effect transistors resistors and capacitors and is intended for the 3rd semester EC, EE and CS students, preparing them for a smooth take off to the dazzling world of Electronics.

Circuits Lab

Designing Amplifiers, power supplies, signal generators and signal conditioner circuits, will be just child play for the fourth semester students, after they complete this course. We have a well-equipped lab set up for experiments in electronic circuit designing. You will find all sorts of equipments and devices (CROs, Function generators, power supplies, trainer kits) for the development of the future technocrats.

Digital Electronics Lab

In this era of everything “Going Digital”, we are committed to make our students real masters in digital designing. The digital electronics lab has all the facilities to experiment with SSI and MSI chips (GATES, FLIPFLOPS, Counters, MUX/DEMUX, RAM and ROMS). We give training in designing and developing digital circuits, experimenting using Digital Trainer Kits.

Micro processor Lab

This lab is set up for imparting training in various microprocessors. The lab experiments include microprocessor system familiarization, assembly language programming, interfacing with ADC/DACs, relay switches LEDs, 8085 and 8086 programming kits and interfacing experiments like interrupt controller, DMA interface, CRT, centronics port, serial port etc.

Embedded Systems Lab

Our students are trained in developing 8051 and PIC micro controller based systems. We have the facility to program devices including Most E (E) PROM, flash, GAL, PEEL, PLACE, B PAL, PLC’s PLs, PLH, PLC, ATV, ATH, CPL and Micro controllers.

Digital Signal Processing Lab

This lab gives hands on training in various DSP kits like TMS 320C54xx, TMS 320C55XX and has got facilities to do real time system projects also.

Microwave and Antennas Lab

This lab includes training kits for microwave antenna studies and the students get a real feel of the electromagnetic concepts.